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Legal note: this writing is translated into English for easy reading, the only official document is the one in Spanish, you can consult it:

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small amount of information in the form of a text file that is saved on the user’s computer. It is generated by the server of a web page (simply, the computer that operates the web page) and can be used every time the user visits the page. A cookie is similar to an identification card of an internet user, which tells the website that the user has returned.

Cookies do not harm your computer, and Kiwitu Startup does not store personally identifiable information in any of its cookies.

What cookies do we use?

Kiwitu Startup S.L. use an application to obtain and analyze navigation information. This app isGoogle Analytics: y

This application has been developed by Google, which provides us with the audience analysis service of our page. This company may use this data to improve its own services and to offer services to other companies. You can know those other uses from the indicated links.

This tool does not store personally identifiable information.
The information obtained is related, for example, to the number of pages visited, language, the city to which the IP address from which users access is assigned, the number of users who visit us, the frequency and recidivism of visits, the visit time, the browser they use, the operator or type of terminal from which the visit is made, among others.

This information is used to improve our website, detect new needs and assess the improvements to be introduced in order to provide a better service to the users who visit us.

How can you disable cookies?






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